Property Management: The Right to Manage

September 7, 2011 9:50 am - Categorised in:

One of the hottest current legal topics is the conduct of property management companies in relation to the level of charges imposed on leaseholders of flats.

Unfortunately some property companies have been setting unreasonable charges but not delivering the promised services to the leaseholders.

The issue brings into focus the right of leaseholders to take control of the management of their blocks through the Right to Manage legislation.

This means the leaseholders will be able to decide whether to employ a property management company and if so, which one. The leaseholders will be in control of the charges and the delivery of the services.

We are able to take leaseholders through the whole Right to Manage process. Unfortunately this area of law is one where unscrupulous operators can see the chance of making money so it pays to take advice from a respected, long established, local firm of solicitors you can rely on.

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