Charity Governance

Constitutional and governance structures need to be effective to enable our charity clients to work to their best ability in an ever changing world.

Once your charity governance structure is in place, we are keen to provide straight forward and sensible advice on good governance, day to day operations and strategy for growth.

We Regularly Advise on the Following:

  • Trustee’s responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Incorporating trusts and unincorporated associations to limit potential liabilities of trustees
  • Good governance practice, policies and structures.
  • Appointment and removal of trustees
  • The issues surrounding employing trustees
  • The pros and cons of trustee or member driven structures
  • Joint working arrangements between charities and other voluntary sector organisations
  • Mergers and hive-offs
  • Dissolution and closure of activities

Latest Charity Governance News

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Can one charity give a guarantee for another charity?

This is now referred to as “social investment” and was addressed by a law passed in 2016. The simple answer is that one charity (“A”)…

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Being Trustworthy

Public trust in charities is at a low ebb. Speaking recently at the launch of the Charity Commission’s Public Trust and Confidence in Charities report,…

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