Charity Property

We have a strong reputation for giving clear and understandable advice on a range of charity property issues.

We act for a wide range of charitable bodies and aim to provide sensitive and helpful solutions in what can be a technical and challenging area of the charity’s operation.

We Offer Expertise in Areas Such as:

  • Purchases and Sales of Charity Land and Leases.
  • Funding agreements and mortgages.
  • Development work including options and overage.
  • Dealing with Cy-Près schemes.
  • Ecclesiastical property.

Selling Charity Property Guidance

For additional guidance on selling charity property we have provided some information for you.

Click below for our guide on selling charity property and the steps you need to take. The guidance includes a template letter to instruct a surveyor. The letter refers to two enclosures. These can be downloaded using the links below.

Selling Charity Property – The Steps You Need to Take

Letter Enclosure 1 

Letter Enclosure 2 


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