Charity Clerk Services

We offer professional clerk services to charity trustees who require ongoing support in their administration.

What does a legal clerk do?

A clerk can attend trustee meetings, take minutes, provide administrative and organisational support and ensure the trustees are compliant with all their legal duties.

Why is this necessary?

Being a trustee in today’s world has never been more challenging. With increasing regulation, it’s more important than ever to run your charity efficiently. Many trustees do not have enough time to devote their attention to all of the key administrative duties that are essential in ensuring compliance. We can offer support with all of the procedural aspects of running a charity and can be on hand to provide answers to the routine issues that affect charities today.

Over the past year we have provided Charity Clerk services to a number of UK based charities ranging from: charities appointed by royal charter, grant making charities and healthcare sector organisations.

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Ben Bourne

Director and experienced Solicitor Ben Bourne currently acts as a legal clerk to 4 large charities and advises many others in their day to day affairs.

0115 922 1591