Children Issues

Sometimes a breakdown in a relationship can cause problems over what happens to your children. If you are concerned about seeing your child, or not having enough contact, we can help you. In some cases we may be able to apply to Court for a Contact Order or Residence Order. If you’re unsure whether you might not have parental responsibility, we can explain what your options are.

Latest Children Issues News

Expert advice for your family this Christmas

Christmas is a time for families to be together. However, for separated parents it is not always that simple, this year more than ever. Samantha…

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Maintenance for Children

Most people will be aware that for many years now, the Court has only had jurisdiction to deal with child support (or child maintenance as…

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Child Support – so much more than just maintenance

When couples separate, they not only have to deal with the emotional distress but may also face having to find fresh accommodation and a means…

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