Contentious Probate and Estate Disputes

Contentious probate is the broad term used to describe the wide range of disputes that arise following someone’s death.

Our experienced team of dispute resolution lawyers can provide expert legal advice to help settle your claim.

We can help with contesting a Will if you:

  • have not been adequately provided for in the deceased’s Will (or under ‘Intestacy Rules’ if the deceased has not made a Will)

  • are concerned about the validity of a Will, whether on grounds of mental capacity or otherwise

  • suspect fraud or forgery of a Will

  • wish to apply for the rectification of a Will that has not been drafted in accordance with the deceased’s instructions

  • have not received an intended legacy from the deceased because of the delay or negligence of a solicitor or Will writer

We can help with probate dispute claims concerning:

  • misconduct by executors or trustees

  • misappropriation of funds both before and after the deceased’s death

  • The administration of Trusts


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Our recent work includes:


  • Representing a client in relation to potential claims for rectification of a will, professional negligence, and a claim for reasonable provision from her deceased husband’s estate
  • Acting for the Trustee of a discretionary Trust involved in a dispute with their sibling who had unlawfully killed their parent


  • Assisting executors in a number of cases to remove trespassers from a deceased person’s home


  • Securing a total pay-out of approximately £150,000 for three “disappointed beneficiaries” deprived of legacies from an estate after the solicitors instructed to prepare the deceased’s Will failed to do so before his death

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