Accident Claims

Every year over 3 million people are injured in accidents from minor cuts and bruises to serious permanent injuries. If you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault you may be entitled to claim compensation.

What types of accident can I claim for?

We are able to help with a range of accidents.

Road accidents caused by ‘rear end shunts’, hit and run incidents, passengers injured in a car where the driver has fallen asleep, pedestrians hit on a zebra crossing, or cyclists not seen in the dark.

Workplace accidents caused by lifting and carrying heavy and awkward equipment and materials, operating machinery, unguarded saws and presses. We can also help with repetitive strains injuries or if you’ve slipped or tripped at work.

Accidents in the street such as tripping over potholes and damaged paving slabs, missing brick pavers and obstructive road work materials.

Using faulty goods and products such as defective kitchen or household items causing injury.

Sports and leisure activities could lead to injury due to Inadequate training, faulty equipment or lack of supervision.

Shops or other premises provide risk of injury such as slipping on wet floors, falling due to missing railings or signage falling and striking passers-by.

Start your claim:

To start your personal injury claim, please complete one of our accident questionnaires below:

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Why choose Ellis-Fermor & Negus?

1. FREE initial consultation
At Ellis-Fermor & Negus, we provide a free initial consultation to discuss your case, how much you may be entitled to and how we will go about making your accident claim. You are under no obligation to take the matter further if you decide not to.

2. We are specialists
We have built up expertise and specialist knowledge over many years of dealing with personal injury claims and provide advice you can rely on. Our dedicated personal injury team will help you find out whether or not you are entitled to compensation.

3. We are local
With four offices across the East Midlands, by coming to Ellis-Fermor & Negus, you will be dealing directly with a local and experienced lawyer who will guide you through the legal process quickly and effectively, making sure that you receive everything you are entitled to.

4. We care
Our clients matter to us. We don’t treat accident victims as numbers on a conveyor belt of claims.


Frequently asked Questions

1. What happens when I make a claim?

We will obtain all the evidence needed, assess the strength of your claim, conduct negotiations and, if required, issue court proceedings.  We will organise and send you for a medical and calculate all your losses and expenses due to the accident.  This will include damaged belongings and any loss of earnings, along with physical and mental pain and distress.  We will keep you up to date with progress.  Our aim is to work with you throughout your case.

2. How much will it cost?

No Win, No Fee!

Wherever possible we work on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis. In most cases this means the majority of legal fees will be recovered from the other side’s insurers.  We will pursue your claims as vigorously as possible because we share the risk. If you do lose, in most cases our service will not cost you anything. If you win, the majority of compensation you recover will be paid to you.

Alternatively, you may have legal expenses cover in which case we will ask your legal expenses insurers to cover our fees for acting for you.

3. How long will the process take?

Due to the many different circumstances found in accident claims, it is difficult to provide an estimate without specific details.  At Ellis-Fermor & Negus we appreciate that no one wants a drawn out and protracted affair but at the same time, unlike some claims handling companies, we appreciate that injuries can take time to heal.  Sometimes that means checking you have fully recovered before we agree on any compensation settlement on your behalf.  With this in mind, you can be confident that we will work hard to achieve an outcome you are happy with, as quickly as possible.

4. Is Legal Aid available for Personal Injury Claims?

Unfortunately Legal Aid has been withdrawn for all but criminal injuries and the most complex and unusual personal injury claims.  However there are still a number of ways in which the legal costs of a personal injury claim can be funded including :-

(i)         Legal Expenses Insurance (often included in your house and contents policy as well as a               motor insurance policy).
(ii)        Support from a Trade Union or other professional organisation.
(iii)       From your own funds
(iv)       A No Win, No Fee Agreement.

In each case we can assess what is best for you.

5. Why do I need a solicitor?

If you have been injured in an accident getting the right compensation is important.  Look out for a specialist solicitor who is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers.  Remember you only have one go at an injury claim.  It is important to get it right.

6. How long do I have to make my claim?

In the UK claims must be pursued and Court Proceedings issued if necessary within 3 years of the date of your accident (longer if the accident happened whilst you were under 18).  If you were injured in a crime you have 2 years to make a claim and if your accident took place on a plane or on a boat then you have only 2 years.  If your accident was outside the UK these time limits vary from 1 year in Spain to 10 years in other countries.

It usually takes about 1 year to process an injury claim.  Some complex cases can take a lot longer particularly where the injured person has ongoing medical problems.

7. What happens if the time limit to claim has passed?

The 3 year time limit is very strict but there are exceptions. Our experienced solicitors can help explore with you whether one of the exceptions applies in your case.

8. Do I need witnesses?

Often the cause of an accident is disputed.  Your version of events may not be accepted by the Judge, even if you are an honest person who always tells the truth, sometimes it is not clear exactly where responsibility for an accident lies and in other cases people can deliberately set out to deceive the Court to avoid having to pay compensation.  Your case can be strengthened by producing evidence.  Sometimes that evidence is in the form of written statements from witnesses.  In other cases there may be photographic evidence or even evidence from experts.

9. How much compensation will I get?

This will depend on :-
(i)      The severity of your injuries.
(ii)     Losses and expenses you have necessarily incurred as a result of the accident or will incur in the future.
(iii)    Whether you were partly to blame for the accident, in which case a percentage reduction in your compensation will be made depending on the extent to which you are held to have contributed.
(iii)    From your own funds.

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