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We have a specialist Wills and Probate team at each of our four offices which can offer you assistance with a wide range of issues such as writing or amending your Will, administering estates, Powers of Attorney, inheritance tax planning, charitable gifts and long-term health planning. You can rely on us to keep you up to date at every stage and to provide clear and easy to understand information at all times.

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A trust is a means of holding property according to a defined set of rules. Although Trusts can often sound confusing, we find they can actually be very helpful in assisting a person with the management of their assets. This could be either in their lifetime, such as writing a life policy into trust for tax-planning reasons or after their death, for instance setting up a fund from which persons they trust can manage what money gets released, and to whom.

We have advised clients who, in writing their Will, want to leave a family member an income from their estate, but ultimately pass the capital to a different person. Likewise, we often find our clients have questions about putting their property into trust for care home fee purposes and whether this is a good idea or not. It might be that someone wants to ensure that benefitting a disabled family member under a Will will not prejudice them from receiving much-needed disability benefits. Again a trust might help in these circumstances. Or it might be that a trust can achieve the desired purpose, such as the purchase of a Property for a family member or the setting up of an education fund, in a tax-efficient way.

At Ellis-Fermor & Negus, we regularly advise clients on these issues and many others. Our dedicated, Wills, Probate & Trusts team are very happy to talk to you about your requirements and answer any questions you may have.

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