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January 22, 2016 3:26 pm - Categorised in:

KeswickHistoric Pencil Museum and Factory Site acquired

The Keswick Convention Trust which runs the annual 3 week Keswick Convention celebrated its 140th anniversary this summer and announced it had secured the historic Keswick Pencil Factory site in order to develop its year round ministry. Simon Hale, Commercial Property Director at Ellis-Fermor & Negus solicitors, who acted on the purchase commented: “It was a privilege to be involved in this significant purchase. There were a number of complications which had to be addressed including asbestos contamination and VAT issues as well as keeping the Trustees informed and reassured as they contemplated an exciting but daunting opportunity for the charity”. A fundraising project is now in place to turn the derelict site into an attractive and useful location for the next 140 years of the Keswick Convention.

HollygirtHollygirt School

Hollygirt School based in Nottingham has received approval from the Charity Commission to admit boys from the start of the 2014 academic year. The objects of the Rhoda Jessop Educational Charity which is responsible for the School originally restricted the School to the education of girls and young women however the Trustees of the Charity and School Staff felt that the time was right to change. The Trustees wanted the School to become co-educational enabling boys to also benefit from the school’s distinctive ethos and approach. The change in the charity’s objects required the permission of the Charity Commission which led the charity Trustees to approach Ellis-Fermor & Negus Solicitors of Beeston, Nottingham to handle the legal work. The project involved submitting an application for a cy-pres Scheme permitting the change of objects. Although, the Charity Commission set a series of hurdles for the School to jump through Simon Hale, Director at Ellis-Fermor & Negus and head of the charity law team was able to achieve the desired result for the Trustees. Pleasingly, the Scheme was approved on the last day of the summer term meaning the Trustees and Staff now have the summer to prepare for the intake of boys and girls in September. School Bursar, Debbie Fisher commented ”we felt this was the right decision for the future of Hollygirt School but we were up against a tight timescale to get everything approved for September. The fact that Ellis-Fermor & Negus were able to have the Scheme approved by the end of the summer term was fantastic. We are looking forward to a very exciting new academic year.” Please address enquiries about Hollygirt School to: Please address enquiries about Ellis-Fermor & Negus’ Charity law team to Simon Hale or Ben Bourne at 2 Devonshire Avenue, Beeston, Nottingham (tel: 0115 922 1591) or via the website –

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