Calling all Charities-are you submitting your annual returns and accounts on time?

October 22, 2013 1:05 pm - Categorised in: , ,

Ben Bourne, Charity and employment solicitor at Ellis-Fermor & Negus attended the Charity Commission’s Annual Public Meeting this autumn where the keynote speech was given by Neville Brownlee from the Charity Commission addressing the Commission’s new tougher approach in this area. In 2012-3 86% of charities filed their accounts on time, whereas 82% filed annual returns on time. Whilst this may seem in general a good rate of return the Commission are keen to achieve an even higher standard of compliance. The Commission cited the example of over 200 charities with an annual income of over £250,000 who returned either their annual returns or accounts or both, late in the past year. Whereas perhaps before now the Commission were willing to exercise greater leniency, the Commission is now advising charities that they risk intervention or even removal from the register for repeatedly late filing. Mr Brownlee stressed the level of the duty on trustees to ensure proper compliance and noted it is a criminal offence where trustees of a charity allow late filing of the charity’s accounts or annual return. Do you or your charity need advice in this area? Would you like help organising your charity’s governance? If so contact Ben Bourne on 0115 9221591

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