Why Use a Solicitor to Write Your Will?

Although there is no requirement under UK law to use a solicitor to make a valid Will, have you considered what you would do in the following circumstances:

  • you have remarried and have children from a previous marriage
  • you have property or investments based outside the UK
  • there is a business involved
  • you are supporting someone with disabilities
  • you are concerned about the possible impact of care fees
  • Inheritance Tax could potentially be an issue for your estate
  • your estate and the way you want to pass it on are not straightforward

In many circumstances, getting expert legal advice is indispensable.

The Risks of Using a Will Writer to Write Your Will:

You may find it cheaper to use a Will writer, however a proper understanding of succession property and family law is essential in the preparation of Wills, and a Will writer is not always guaranteed to have this specialist expertise. Anyone can call themselves a Will writer and start a Will writing service. However, you cannot be assured they have the same level of expertise in probate as a qualified probate lawyer. What’s more, a Will writer cannot store your Will for you securely, where most solicitors can.

The Disadvantages of Writing Your Own Will:

Buying a Will kit yourself may seem like the cheapest and most simple option, but asking an experienced Probate lawyer to write your Will for you will ensure that it is indeed legally valid. In fact, a poorly written Will could be a more serious and complicated issue for your family and loved ones than making no Will at all.

At Ellis-Fermor & Negus, we are committed to helping our clients get their affairs in order for their loved ones. We care about providing clear and easy to understand information at all times, keeping you up to date throughout the process.

Our specialist Wills and Probate team can also offer you assistance with a wide range matters it is important to consider when writing your Will such as:

If you wish to discuss creating a Will in more detail and request a quote, please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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