Dispute Resolution Awareness Week

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Dispute Resolution week takes place 25th – 29th November 2013.  The aim is to promote the benefits of alternatives to court for separating and divorcing couples.  It is organised by Resolution – the national organisation of family lawyers, committed to handling divorce and separation matters in a non-confrontational way.  At Ellis-Fermor & Negus all of our family lawyers are members of Resolution.  We firmly believe that most problems facing separating couples are best solved without confrontation.  Alternatives to court include mediation, collaborative law and arbitration.  We have trained collaborative family lawyers at Ellis-Fermor & Negus, as well as a family mediator.  These processes allow separating couples to talk through their problems together and work out solutions that are right for them and their family.

Arbitration involves putting the decision making into the hands of an arbitrator, who would act in place of a Judge.  You would still instruct a solicitor in this process.  Negotiating your own agreement may be the best option for some.  This isn’t suitable for everybody, but may work well if you have separated on good terms and broadly agree on matters relating to your property and any children involved.  Even if you reach an agreement, it is important to take legal advice and ensure the agreement is properly drawn up and legally binding. 

If mediation, collaborative law or arbitration are not suitable, solicitors may be able to negotiate an agreement.  As Resolution members, we find that resolving problems in a constructive way leads to the most satisfactory and longer lasting outcomes.

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