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Have you been unfairly left out of a Will or inadequately provided for?

Our specialist dispute resolution team is here to help you contest a Will.

If you want to contest a Will, fill out the contact form below to receive our free guide on contesting a Will or call us on 0115 882 0552 and ask for Solicitor Tim Jones.

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We can help you contest a Will if you:

  • have not been adequately provided for in the deceased’s Will

  • are concerned about the validity of a Will, whether on grounds of mental capacity or otherwise

  • suspect fraud or forgery of a Will

  • wish to apply for the rectification of a Will that has not been drafted in accordance with the deceased’s instructions

  • have not received an intended legacy from the deceased because of the delay or negligence of a solicitor or Will writer

Our experienced team of dispute lawyers can help with a wide range of other Will disputes:

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