Introducing our Charity of the Year 2014 – “The Arches Project”

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Our charity for the year is “The Arches Project” which is based on Lenton Lane in Nottingham.  The Arches Project is a series of initiatives which seek to provide a place of compassion and care for those in need, providing emergency relief in the way of practical support, creating community relationships, empowering people to grow in confidence and self worth through support groups, training opportunities and the provision of furniture, clothing, bedding, household goods, child and baby equipment and toys.

Ellis-Fermor & Negus have a particular interest in The Arches furniture restoration project which is a specially designed and equipped workshop where donated furniture can be restored and repaired by clients who want to learn new skills or rediscover old ones.  The aim is to build a community of workers who will, over time, grow in accountability, self confidence and self worth.

The aim of the project is to provide training and skills to give people a stepping stone back into employment.  With the support of a few skilled craftsmen, trainees are led through a furniture restoration programme allowing them to gain a recognised qualification.  The project is not just about developing skills and restoring furniture, it is also about rebuilding and restoring lives.

Director, Simon Hale, who visited the project commented “the workshop is a tremendous facility and the project is a great opportunity for individuals who have dropped out of the system to find new skills and value.  The project is as much about the restoration of people as it is about the restoration of furniture.  On top of this the quality of the work produced here is excellent. We are delighted to support this initiative”.

The Arches Project registered Charity number 1091918.

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